Video of the week: Dronie in a Hidden Beach

dronie hidden beach mexico

Check out this incredible dronie from Tarsicio Sañudo of Post and Fly. Tarsicio told me that this secret beach is located on the Marietas Islands, which are a couple of miles away from Punta Mita in the Mexican state of Nayarit. In order to get to this spot Tarsicio traveled via a little boat to the island, anchored down and then entered the beach by swimming through the cave with his drone in a floating waterproof case.

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Interview with Drone Photographer Amos Chapple

Interview with Amos Chapple

Amos Chapple is a New Zealand freelance photographer who has traveled through 67 countries. He is a regular contributor to the Guardian, The Atlantic, and Italian Vanity Fair.

I first came across Amos’ stunning work last year when several major news outlets shared photos from his drone project Air. I remember being in awe of his unique subjects, lighting and composition. At that time his aerial photography easily stood out from the majority because it was done with such great finesse and care. Read More

How to Do Time Remapping or Speed Ramps in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Here is a quick video tutorial on how I do variable speed changes using the time remapping (speed ramp) technique inside Adobe Premiere CC.

Instagram videos I reference:

 A video posted by Dirk Dallas (@dirka) on

A video posted by Dirk Dallas (@dirka) on


  You can download a free trial of Adobe Premiere Pro CC here.

Video of the week: Stunning Views of Iceland Captured From a Drone

Shot over the span of several months, filmmaker Garðar Ólafsson brings us captivating time-lapses and drone footage of some of Iceland’s most stunning landmarks.

You can view more of Garðar Ólafsson’s work over on his website.

Hover: Flight App for Drone Pilots

Hover Drone App

If you don’t have a newer drone then chances are you’re flying without the help of a smart phone app. If that is the case you might want to check out one of the highest rated drone apps in the app store called Hover.

Hover is a free, simple, no-frills flight app for drone pilots

Hover is a free, simple, no-frills flight app that provides pilots with a place to store analytical data about their flights through a flight log. Pilots can track flight times, locations, battery usage, and write notes and when finished they can send the generated reports off through email.

Hover Drone App iOS Review

The app features real-time wind and weather information, sunrise/sunset times, a humidity report, compass, as well as a timer so you can track how long you have to fly until your batteries are low.

One of the more helpful features is the No-Fly Zone Maps that are powered by which pulls up no fly zones and temporary no fly zones from the FAA, US National Parks and the US military so you have a simple fly or no-fly indicator.
Hover Drone Android Review

The different menus can be slightly confusing to navigate because you access them by swiping up, left, right and down but my favorite feature of the app is when you right swipe to reveal the drone news feed. If you swipe right one more time you can even personalize the feed and set the app to only include your favorite drone news websites.

If you want to learn more about Hover or download the app check out the Hover website here.