Hey, I Need Your Help! ;) From Where I Drone Community Video



Hey From Where I Drone family let’s make a video together!

I want to create the first ever #fromwhereidrone community video!

So I need you to send me your single BEST, most beautiful, short drone video clip and then I will edit together a compilation video that showcases all the clips I receive from our drone community.


The guidelines are simple:

– Submit your single best 5-10 second drone clip
– Make sure it is at least HD quality
– Include your name + handle in the file name (so I can credit you once it is finished)
– Please don’t submit photos, just videos

You can submit your clip using my Dropbox file request link here:

If you’re in, just click the link above!

As soon as I get enough clips I’ll create the video and post it for everyone to view!

Can’t wait to see what we create together!



31 Essential Tips For Creating Epic Drone Videos #fromwhereidrone http://fromwhereidrone.com/essential-tips-for-creating-epic-drone-videos/

How to Fly in Tripod Mode Using the DJI Mavic & Phantom 4 Pro

DJI tripod mode tutorial how to guide


In this written post and video tutorial, I do a complete step-by-step walkthrough of DJI’s Tripod Mode using the DJI Go App.


The questions I answer below include:

  • What is Tripod Mode?
  • Why use Tripod Mode?
  • What drones does Tripod Mode work on?
  • How do I enter and exit Tripod Mode?
  • What are some tips for mastering Tripod Mode?
  • How can I achieve a Tripod-like Mode if I don’t have a newer DJI drone?

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Drone Video of the Week: Malta

drone Malta 2

This week’s video comes to us from filmmaker Oliver Astrologo.

Oliver recently took his DJI Mavic Pro to Malta and put together this incredible video that features stunning views of this beautiful island.

Check out the video below and then read the interview with Oliver where he discusses his process, planning, vision, gear and tips for creating awesome aerial drone videos. Read More

How To Register Your Drone With The FAA

Registering-your-drone-with the FAA

This post is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the entire process of getting registered with the FAA if you’re flying a drone (sUAS or UAV) here in the United States.

Just pick whether or not you want to read or watch it because both options are below.

Quick disclaimer, if you’re flying only indoors or if you fly one of those small tiny toy drones, you don’t need to worry about this.

But for everybody else that’s flying something over 0.55 pounds, you need to take a look…and yes even if you are just visiting the U.S. because of a vacation or business trip, you still need to register your drone.

If you’re not sure where you stand on the spectrum because you don’t know the weight of your drone then click here for more info and examples.

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Drones at the Super Bowl — A Breakdown

This is a special guest post from Oren Schauble.

american flag intel superbowl drone

My friend Jack, a manager over at C3, called me right after the Super Bowl halftime* show “I figured you’re not watching, so wanted to tell you they used a ton of drones, and it was a big ‘Powered by Intel’ promotion. Thought you’d want to know.” Indeed.

This article is a primer on Intel, what they’re up to in the drone space, why the Super Bowl drone performance matters, and what this all means for the future of the drone industry. I hope its informative for you!

To start, if you haven’t seen the Intel drone swarming demo, stop what you’re doing now and check it out, it’s awesome. Read More