Interview with drone photographer Jordan Lerma – @uheheu


I finally got a chance to interview an amazing drone photographer named Jordan Lerma, aka @uheheu.

Jordan is based in Hawaii and he has an incredible feed that is truly one of a kind. One of my favorite things to see from him is the way he captures stunning aerial photos and videos of whales. His work over the ocean is so mesmerizing that his posts literally rack up millions of views of Facebook & Instagram.

I interviewed Jordan to hear more about his work and process as well as learn about his journey, creative philosophy, gear, and recommended drone & photography resources. I’ve included lots of drone photo and video work (make sure you hover over the Instagram embedded pieces because those are videos) and I sprinkled a few non-drone pieces to show you how versatile he is shooting below and above the water.

Now let’s get started!

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Cinematography Tutorial: Advanced Filming Techniques & Editing Effects for Your Drone Videos

This is a very special post done in collaboration with the amazingly talented Oliver Astrologo. Oliver is a photographer & creative director, whose work focuses on revealing locations and stories about people. Please take a moment to review some of Oliver’s incredible work on his Vimeo page, you won’t be disappointed!
drone Advanced filming tips and techniques

In this post you’ll learn some intermediate and advanced filming and post-production tips and techniques that you can do with your drone to create more interesting films.

Specifically you’ll learn how to create:

  • Interesting transitions using different cameras
  • The famous dolly zoom technique using 4K footage
  • Rotation effects using 4K footage
  • Tracking and stabilization techniques for creating hyperlapses
  • Parallax effect that turns your simple 2D footage into a dynamic 3D like effect
  • Color correction & color matching techniques and best practices

First of all I recommend reading my first video tips guide before reading this article which you can find here.

The combination of advanced technical gear becoming more affordable and editing software becoming more powerful has revolutionised the production and post-production processes.

Overall the quality of videos being created today is getting more advanced which is why we can admire some of the best video work out there over in the Staff Pick section on Vimeo. Read More

I’m Giving Away a Brand New Yuneec Breeze 4K Drone!

Yuneec Breeze 4K Drone giveaway

Hey #fromwhereidrone community, I’ve partnered with Yuneec to giveaway a brand new Yuneec Breeze 4K Drone (seen above)!

The Yuneec Breeze 4K is a sweet little drone that can capture 4K Ultra High Definition video and 13 megapixel still photos.

To enter all you have to do is use the form below to subscribe to my newsletter (your email will not be shared) and you must follow @Yuneecapv on Instagram (full details are down below as well as photos that were captured with Yuneec Breeze).

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Interview with Drone Photographer Tobias Hägg – @airpixels


Tobias Hägg, also known online as @airpixels, is a 30 year old photographer based in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

His feed is one of the first feeds I remember coming across back in 2015 that contained such stellar and unique aerial imagery of lakes, boat houses, secluded cabins, ponds, islands, forests, roads dividing landscapes and frozen fractals of ice.

Surprisingly Tobias has only been on Instagram for 2 years and yet he has quickly become one of the most respected, followed and liked drone photographers in the #fromwhereidrone community.

Tobias hagg air pixels media drone_1

Since coming onto the scene he has been featured in National Geographic, The Telegraph, and the Daily Mail to name a few and now because of his curiosity and drive he gets to live out his dream of traveling the world and shooting full-time.

In this interview we learn about how Tobias got his start in the world of photography and drones, what gear he uses and his tips for how to find success and succeed as a photographer. Read More

Drone Video of the Week: 2D RUN

2D Run best in show nycdff drone video new york city drone film festival 0

This week’s drone video of the week called “2D RUN” is unlike any drone video I have seen before.

It’s called “2D Run” and was created by photographer Marin Kafedjiiski.

It features a top-down drone view of urban parkour free runner Ilko Iliev jumping all over Bulgaria.

It also took home the “Best in Show” award at the 2017 New York City Drone Film Festival. Congrats guys!
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