Interview With Jay Worsley Founder Of the brand new training course:

I recently sat down for an interview with my friend Jay Worsley who is an award-winning filmmaker & photographer. Jay just launched a brand new drone cinematography course called Drone Master Class for those looking to up their drone game.

I have known Jay for almost three years and have interviewed and featured his work on this website a couple times which you can see here and here.

Jay’s drone course is called Drone Master Class which is an online video course designed to challenge, inspire, educate and push your aerial filmmaking to a whole new level.


The Drone Masterclass covers such topics as:
  • location scouting
  • shooting style
  • shot choice & technique
  • editing
  • effects
  • sound design
  • color grading
  • getting your film out there
  • making money
  • licensing footage

To learn more about Jay check out the video he made for us below or skip further down to read the interview I did with him.

If you can make it to the end of this post or the video then you’ll see that Jay has generously offered From Where I Drone readers a $50 off discount code. To receive the discount just enter “FWID” at the Drone Master Class checkout page and the discount will be automatically applied.

Can you tell us about DRONE MASTER CLASS?

Drone Master Class (DMC) is just that.  It is a Master Class for aerial cinematography.

It’s not something to study for passing the FAA Part 107.  It’s a course that covers filmmaking, photography, editing, effects, music choice, story, shooting technique, and getting your film out there.

How to create either an aerial film that inspires and moves people, or even just creating footage and photos that are captivating to the point of being able to profit off it.

It’s a course that comes out with new content every quarter to help keep things fresh and new.

ETHOS // An Aerial Cinematography Short Film from Drone Master Class Founder Jay Worsley.

Why did you create DRONE MASTER CLASS?

When searching on YouTube, there is an endless sea of videos about drones.  A good amount of those videos say the same things and are really hard to differentiate.

The learning process though YouTube seems to be more so just trying to catch and hold onto small bits of information that you can maybe apply to yourself.

With Drone Master Class, I wanted to create a platform where solid content and information from credible filmmakers and photographers where all in one spot.

A place where you don’t need to search through countless videos that all the say the same thing.

A place that is intentional about educating filmmakers and photographers about aerial cinematography and aerial photography.



Can you describe what a typical drone pilot might look like before DRONE MASTER CLASS and then after taking your course?

Since the launch of Drone Master Class, there has been a diverse group of members at different levels of their craft.

Some are new to the filmmaking/drone/photography world, and others are pros who have been in it for years.

However, they all come in with the same mindset.  They all are sort of stuck in their ways.

That is part of the reason they even signed up.  A creative block or any sort of block is a common thing in this industry.

So while they come in set in their ways, they leave with a new fresh take on filmmaking.

Applying these techniques and these concepts immediately and finding instant success with their films and photos.

This course challenges, educates, inspires, and really makes you sit back and say to yourself, “Wow! I never even thought of that before!”

A FLEETING DREAM from Drone Master Class Founder Jay Worsley


What is your background/experience with drones?

I first picked up a drone 5 years ago.  It was the DJI Phantom 2 with a GoPro attached to it.

I didn’t even have a screen on the remote to see what the camera was seeing.  I just hoped for the best.

Since then I’ve been able to learn through trial and error with aerial cinematography.

I’ve built my career up with commercial films, indie films, and more.  Winning over 30 awards and becoming recognized in the film industry.




How many long did it take you to put this course together? What did that process look like?

The Drone Master Class platform has taken over a year to create.  The reason for that is simply because I wanted to do it right.

I didn’t want to just film some videos and put a price tag on them.  I wanted to be intentional about it.

So I filmed some videos in a studio space, my home office, another studio space, out and about droning… and then re-filmed… and re-filmed again because I wanted everything to be just right.


What is your favorite lesson in the course and why?

There are two courses in Drone Master Class that are my favorite.  The first one is the “Getting Your Film Out There” lesson.

I love that one because I think we all struggle with finding ways to get our work in front of people.

There are the obvious ways, but also the not so obvious ways that are really effective.

I’ve gotten an incredible response from that class and how people are utilizing what was covered and the success already coming from it.

The other would have to be “Shot Choice and Shooting Technique”. So many people get distracted by the amazing perspective of a drone.

However, it is still a camera on a gimbal that you can move around.  That class shows quite a few different shooting techniques and really opens your eyes to what you can do outside of the typical birds eye view, moving forward, moving backward types of shots.


Can you describe some of the bonuses that DRONE MASTER CLASS students get?

First huge thing… this isn’t a one and done course.  New classes and new teachers are being brought on every quarter.

Secondly, I didn’t go sponsor crazy.  I chose sponsors that I use and love.  Even if they didn’t sponsor Drone Master Class, I would still be talking them up.

Since they are sponsors, Musicbed is offering special discounts on music licensing and on their membership coming out.

LensDistortions is offering special discounts on their SFX and Visual Packs.

POND5 is helping to guide Drone Master Class members on how to become content creators and make money off their footage, while also offering deals on sounds and plugins to make editing workflow and story so much better.



How has the response been like since launching? What feedback have you gotten so far?

So far I have heard a lot of “It’s about time” or “Took you long enough”.  However, the main response I’ve heard is “This is what the drone world needs”.  Everyone who has become a member has been amazed and excited for what’s to come.

Check out this quote from one of my student’s, filmmaker & photographer Becca Neblock:

“The Drone Master Course shows how to approach shooting and editing drone footage from the perspective of a true filmmaker. Everyone can tell the difference between a drone film that was beautifully crafted, and one where somebody just hoped for the best after they threw a drone in the air (we’ve all been there). But this course really dug into the details of how to make creative choices while shooting and editing, and what to do with my films once they were completed.

This course covered tactics I seriously hadn’t even considered before. It thoroughly explained and demonstrated every topic, and helped me understand how to create more intentional and creative drone films.”


And this one from filmmaker Clayton Cassidy of We Film Devoted:

“Who better suited to teach and start drone master class than Jay Worsley? He makes everything so relatable and understandable. This class opened my eyes to the real capability and uses of my drone and I see shots differently because of it. His explanations of his thought processes showed me the limitless capabilities of my Inspire 2.

People say ‘the sky is the limit’, but in the case of drones, your creativity is your limit. Jay’s masterclass will remove your own thought limitations and teach you the real capabilities of yourself and your drone.”

To celebrate Dirk Dallas joining Drone Master Class, you can use the promo code “FWID” for a sweet $50 off discount at checkout

PERSPECTIVE // AERIAL CINEMATOGRAPHY from Drone Master Class Founder Jay Worsley


What do you have planned in the future for DRONE MASTER CLASS?

I am so excited to bring on new teachers to Drone Master Class.  Teachers I feel are leaders in the drone world but also teachers who are just really good at what they do.

With that, I am beyond excited to share that Dirk Dallas (founder of this drone website you are currently reading and @fromwhereidrone) is coming on as a content creator for Drone Master Class.

Dirk will be sharing his knowledge and experience with topics exclusive to Drone Master Class members.

To celebrate Dirk joining Drone Master Class, you can use the promo code “FWID for a sweet $50 off discount at checkout.

In the end, I really want to create a community of filmmakers and photographers with Drone Master Class.  A place where we can all learn and grow and make better content.


How much is Drone Master Class?

For a limited time only, Drone Master Class is only $350. If you combine that with Dirk’s From Where I Drone discount code “FWID” then you can get an extra $50 off the Drone Master Class, which brings the total to only $300.

Remember Drone Master Class comes with lifetime access and new content will be added every quarter to keep things fresh and give you a reason to keep coming back.


Over to you…

Leave a comment down below if you have a question for Jay about his course. He will pop by and answer any questions you might have about the course.

Also I would be grateful if you chose to use my Drone Master Class discount code “FWID” at checkout if you are interested in taking the course. I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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