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My name is Dirk Dallas (@dirka on the web), and I am the founder of From Where I Drone. If you’re interested in getting started in drone photography & cinematography or you want helpful advice on how to capture better aerial imagery or if you just want to be inspired by all the amazing work that is being created in this new field then this page is for you! To learn more about me

To learn more about me check out my about page here or this video here.

Below are some links to some helpful resources on this website as well as links to the most popular posts:

Most popular posts:
• 8 Tips for Better Drone Photography
• How to Fly a Drone – The Ultimate Guide
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• Drone Gifts/Accessory Guide

Tips, tricks and drone info:
• How to Do Time Remapping or Speed Ramps in Adobe Premiere Pro CC?
• How to Find Awesome Drone Photography Locations
• Getting Started: How to edit your photos in Adobe Lightroom
• 7 Must-Have Apps for Drone Pilots
• How to correct the GoPro lens distortion?
• How do you post a photo in full-screen portrait mode on Instagram?
• How To Build Your Own Custom Photography Drone
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Drone video/photo inspiration:
• 33 Epic Drone Photos to Inspire You to Visit Australia
• A Drone Over Italy
• A Drone Over Riviera Maya, Mexico
• Southern Iceland landscapes & the Northern Lights
• The Best Drone Photography of 2015


Interviews with some of the best drone photographers:
• Interview with Amos Chapple – Amos is a freelance photographer who has traveled through 67 countries. He is a regular contributor to the Guardian, The Atlantic, and Italian Vanity Fair.
• Interview with Kyle Kuiper – Kyle is a professional photographer based out of San Diego, California. He creates amazing drone photos/videos and has almost 1,000,000 followers on Instagram.
• Interview with Gabriel Scanu – Gabriel is a 20 year old drone pilot based in Sydney, Australia and is one of the best aerial photographers I know.
• Interview with Tommy Clarke – Tommy is a professional aerial photographer based out of London. He has an incredible portfolio of work and he holds aerial photo exhibitions all around the world.


Drone accessories and gift ideas:
Gift ideas for budding drone pilots
Drone Gift Guide

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