Hello! My name is Dirk Dallas and I live in Southern California with my wife/best friend and three daughters (check out our drone baby announcement).

I’m a designer, photographer and professor of digital media with over 300,000 followers on social media.

I love to chase light and when I am not creating, you can find me either exploring new beaches with my family, stepping on Legos or flying toy helicopters with my oldest daughters :)

My primary goal for starting this website is to share everything I am learning about this new and exciting field and to inspire you and help make you a better visual storyteller

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A little background

I have been flying various electric helicopters and RC airplanes for over 10 years but when the time came to buy a drone in 2013 I wasn’t sure where to start.

After spending several weeks researching answers to all my questions I finally ended up getting a DJI Phantom Quadcopter, and now I am absolutely obsessed with aerial photography (check out some of my favorite drone photos in the drone gallery here)!

I want this to be the website that I wish I would have found when I was getting started


My primary goal with the From Where I Drone blog is to create a helpful resource for those who are interested in getting started with aerial photography/cinematography and for this to be a space to find inspiring drone imagery and learn from leaders in this new movement.

Some of the resources you’ll be able to find on this website include:

Dirk Dallas, drone, photography @dirka

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In closing, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about drones or aerial imaging and I will try my best to help you out!

You can drop me a line via my contact form or shoot me a direct email: dirk “@” fromwhereidrone.com

Thanks again for checking out this site, I’m glad to have you on-board! #fromwhereidrone


Do you do speaking engagements or workshops?

Yes! I am available for speaking engagements and workshops. I have led various events over the last few years and have had a blast and received very encouraging feedback!

If you’re interested in me coming out to your event then please contact me via email (dirk “@” fromwhereidrone.com) with the name of your event, the dates of the event, a link to your event page and how many attendees you expect.



Why the name From Where I Drone?

From Where I Drone started off as a joke.

One day last year I posted one of my drone photos with the first ever use of the hashtag #fromwhereidrone because I thought it would be a funny play off of the super popular #fromwhereistand hashtag.

I then started using it on every drone photo I posted and each time people seemed to think it was funny.

Then one day several months later I decided to click on the tag and I saw over 500 drone photos using it as well and I was blown away!

I thought that was super awesome so I then decided to start the From Where I Drone Instagram account so I could have a place to feature everyone’s amazing drone imagery and now the rest is history :)


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