31 Essential Tips For Creating Epic Drone Videos

This is a special post done in collaboration with me and Vadim Sherbakov who is an independent interactive web and mobile application art director and photographer based in Moscow, Russia. To view Vadim’s work, visit his Instagram feed and Vimeo page.

31 Essential Tips For Creating Epic Drone Videos #fromwhereidrone http://fromwhereidrone.com/essential-tips-for-creating-epic-drone-videos/

If you’re looking to take your drone videos to the next level then the tips below were created just for you!

After you implement these tips into your workflow, you’ll capture better looking, higher quality, more engaging, cinematic drone videos.

While a DJI Phantom 3 and DJI Phantom 4 were used to compile the information, the tips included below can be applied to all types of drones models from other manufacturers.

Keep in mind that the tips are divided into 2 sections, Production and Post-Production. Let’s first start with some production tips.


Production tips

how to create amazing drone videos 2

1) Camera Settings

DJI drones use 12mb Sony sensors in both the Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 cameras which is why I always recommend using the lowest ISO possible, preferably 100 to avoid getting grainy footage.

The higher the ISO the grainy/noiser the image is going to be.

That is also why you should use D-Log under Picture Settings opposed to the default “.mov” or “.mp4” video codec setting. D-log captures a flatter, less contrasty image (see image below) which at first won’t look as good as the other options when you play it back because saturation, contrast and sharpness have been dialed back in the profile setting.

drone video footage tips - before and after d-log

However, D-log gives you the best possible image for capturing more dynamic range, which means it keeps more details in the highlights and shadows, which ends up giving you more freedom in post when you go to color correct and color grading your footage.

This is why it is best to select Standard as the Picture Style because you can then add in the exact amount of contrast, saturation and sharpness via your video editing/grading software.

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How To Start Studying For The FAA’s New Part 107 Commercial Aeronautical Knowledge Test For Drone Pilots



Are you looking to start making money flying your drone here in the US?

Then as of August 29, 2016 it’s a really good idea to get familiar with the FAA’s new Part 107 drone rule for commercial pilots. Otherwise, if you fail to comply with this new rule you could be liable for fines of $1,100 per violation. Yikes!

Maybe you’ve thought about using your drone to capture imagery from the air for real estate agents, weddings, films and commercials or maybe you want to use your drone to inspect homes, construction sites, or to conduct aerial surveying. Or maybe you have been doing all of the above already and have been operating in some of the “gray”.

Well if there is money being exchanged then you will definitely want to make sure you take the necessary steps to become an FAA-Certified Commercial Drone Pilot starting August 29, 2016.



For starters, the new Part 107 rules require drone pilots to get a Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small Unmanned Aircraft Rating, which is basically a license you get after passing an in-person 60 question test that costs about $150.

Part 107 rule - question breakdown

Part 107 rule – question breakdown

The test is said to be pretty hard and after researching the sample tests I can see why. The test includes an aeronautical knowledge test, which requires you to be able to read and understand aeronautical charts, understand and decipher aviation weather reports and learn the new operational drone rules.

Check out some of the sample questions via this 40 question FAA sample test to get a feel for what I am talking about or check out a couple sample questions below:

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33 Epic Drone Photos to Inspire You to Visit Australia

Need a little getaway? From sheer cliffs, to vast coral sand, and gorgeous aquamarine water, Australia looks even more incredible from the air.

Thanks to amazing photographers and their drones, you get to experience Australia’s exotic plant-life and terrain like never before.

After viewing these images you’ll want to add this beautiful continent to your bucket list!


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Interview with Aerial Photographer Tommy Clarke

Black Sand Beach 3 tommy clarke

This next feature is from London based aerial photographer Tommy Clarke. Tommy doesn’t actually shoot with a drone, instead he hangs out of helicopters with his camera.

I’ve been interested in aerial photography for a while now (yes even before drones) and Tommy is one of those photographers whose work I have always admired. I love the way Tommy captures colors and patterns from the air and I thought it would be interesting to hear from someone who captures amazing aerial imagery the old school way ;) and see what we can learn from him.

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Getting Started: How to edit your photos in Adobe Lightroom

Hey all! I put together this 20 minute overview video for those of you looking to get started with editing your photos inside Adobe Lightroom.

In this tutorial I assume nothing and start right at the beginning by showing you Lightroom’s library and importing process and then we dive right into editing photos through the develop module.

I’ve also made available a FREE RAW photo that was taken with my Phantom 4 so that you can follow along. You can download that by clicking here. Read More