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Do you want to take your work to the next level? Are you struggling to build your brand? Are you tired of searching Google for your question? Do you just want to talk to a human?

A consultation with me could be a great way to discuss your specific needs and goals. My video consultations are private and one-on-one which means you get personal attention and advice that is suited to your exact needs.

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Globally Recognized


Media publications have recognized me as one of the leading voices in aerial drone photography. I founded From Where I Drone in 2015 and it now represents one of the largest drone communities and drone photo and video websites on the web today.


Brand That Have Trusted me

During the past few years, I have worked with world-renowned brands such as:
Nike, Google, MINI, Uber, Travel Wisconsin, Audi, Hurley and General Electric


Host, Teacher and Educator

I also host the AdoramaTV show ‘From Where I Drone with Dirk Dallas’ and have taught photography classes, workshops and courses for various conferences and events which include:
• CreativeLive
• Drone Masterclass
• Adorama Inspire Conference
• Palm Springs Photo Festival
• Socality Creative Camp


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Publications That Have Talked About Me

My work has also been shared and featured in a variety of newspapers, magazines and digital publications from some of the world’s most popular websites and media companies. Some examples include:


Student Feedback

“I used your advice and created my first pricing sheet and the client agreed to my asking price! Thanks so much for everything you helped me feel more confident in my pricing”. – Ian W.

“I just wanted to say thanks so much helping answer my questions and for giving me some clear direction on my work. I just started in drone photography and video in March, and a lot of the things you said and the resources you pointed me have already helped me a lot! – Zach B.

“Thank you for all the tips, tricks, and links you shared with me. It was such a great help and I know it has saved me tons of time searching around!” – Charlie N.


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