Gift ideas for budding drone pilots

Below are some gift ideas for that budding drone pilot in your life. Please note that the list of drones below are considered toy-grade drones which are intended to be just for fun to get your feet wet in the world of drones.

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The Drone Pilot's Handbook The knowledge, the skills, the rules

The Drone Pilot’s Handbook: The knowledge, the skills, the rules – $10
This is a brand new book that I just finished reading. It provides a readers with a great general overview of everything drone related. (Amazon Link)


Eric Cheng drone book

Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones – $22
One of the best drone books there is covering everything from how to fly, to tips/techniques, to inspiration and interviews with drone pilots. (Amazon link)



Earth from Space book
Earth from Space book– $35

This is our coffee table book which features gorgeous colors, patterns, textures, and abstract forms of the earth as seen from space. (Amazon link)


Hubsan X4 (H107C)– $40

Hands down one of the best/fun starter drones there is. (Amazon link)


Desert Air bookDesert Air book – $42
I absolutely love this book which features stunning aerial imagery from National Geographic photographer George Steinmetz. (Amazon link)



syma_x5cSyma X5C-1 – $50
This is the best-selling/highest rated toy-grade drone that features a camera on (Amazon link)


UDI 818A HDUDI 818A HD – $75
This is another highly-rated medium size drone that can take photos and video. I love flying it because you can easily do 360 flips with it. (Amazon link)


Hubsan-X4-FPV-review-with-controllerHubsan X4 FPV – $120
A fun drone just like the X4 above, but you can see a live view of your flight while flying. (Amazon link)


Syma X8GSyma X8G – $130
Because of its size this is a little more serious than the smaller drones above. It features a pretty good 8 megapixel GoPro-like camera. Probably the best part about this drone is if you already own a GoPro you can swap out the default camera and capture 12 megapixel photos and 4K video from the GoPro instead. (Amazon link)


Hubsan_H501S_FPVHubsan H501S 1080P HD – $280
This drone comes with a built-in screen so you can see a live feed of your flight and the camera shoots 1080p video. It also has some cool smart features built-in like follow me, altitude hold mode, and auto return home. (Amazon link)



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