How to use the Adobe Lightroom Map module with your drone photos

In this quick tutorial I walk you through how I use the Map module inside Adobe Lightroom to:
• Check the altitude of my drone photos
• Access the GPS coordinates of an image
• Remove location data from EXIF data when exporting
• Sort and manage images based on location information

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5 Comments on “How to use the Adobe Lightroom Map module with your drone photos

  1. Traveling abroad to some counties that don’l like my big drone… what is the smallest drone with the best camera….. Thanks, Stuart

  2. Awesome tutorial, thank you! I’ve been playing with the map and altitude data all evening. The map visualization is interesting – it’s pointing out a lot of areas I haven’t droned yet (but will definitely focus on checking out now)

    I’m starting to make mental notes of what altitude my favorite shots are at. What are your favorite uses of this elevation data?

    • Hey Dustin,

      Big thanks for the kind words! I really like to use the elevation data to determine how high I should fly when trying to capture certain details. For instance, I shot a church photo at various elevations and below 100ft it didn’t really look like an aerial photo and once I got over 300ft the church really started to get lost in the landscape and no longer was an obvious subject. It definitely won’t be a rule and the surrounding terrain will always be a factor in me having to adjust that number but it does provide me with a good starting point when I am flying.

      I hope that helps!


      • That definitely helps! I agree, having a range of altitudes for certain types of shots will only help make capturing them easier :)

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