12 Beautiful Pictures of Fireworks Captured with a Drone

With recent advancements in app software, drone photographers are now able to drag the camera’s shutter and capture long exposures from more than 400 feet up in the sky. This has unleashed a number of amazing images of fireworks from never before seen angles. Here is a collection of some of the best firework pictures captured from drones this past Fourth of July weekend. Enjoy!

IMG_9469Photo by maxchicity

IMG_9465Photo by flyingfilmsny

IMG_9461Photo by toledoaerialmedia

IMG_9446Photo by highdrone

IMG_9485Photo by dronebois

IMG_9448Photo by danielpeckham

IMG_9476Photo by norcaldrone

IMG_9471Photo by razdood

IMG_9092Photo by dirka

IMG_9463Photo by dronerider

IMG_9490Photo by lancechilders IMG_9450Photo by treesisgod

Bonus! Videos of fireworks captured from a drone:

And my favorite firework video this year is from Eric Sterman, but it can only be viewed on his Instagram account here so definitely check it out!

So which photo or video is your favorite? (Know of any amazing photos or videos that I missed? Please leave a comment below with a link!)


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