5 Awesome Dronie Videos

If 2014 was the year of the selfie then 2015 will be the year of the dronie video. What is a “dronie”? The basic definition of a dronie is a selfie taken from a flying camera. Typically the pilot will have the camera start up close on their subject or subjects and then slowly begin to fly it away revealing the entire scene from a unique angle in the sky. Here are 5 awesome dronies. Enjoy!

You can check out some more dronie videos by viewing some of the 2015 New York City Drone Film Festival Official Selection winners winners here.

Be sure to me know which dronie was your favorite and if you know of any other good dronie videos please leave a link in a comment below!


3 Comments on “5 Awesome Dronie Videos

  1. These photos are altbousely amazing. I love them. They definitely are a tear-jerker .in a good way. Kim & Andrew are such an attractive couple. Amy, you are extremely talented and I enjoy looking at your work. Cheers!

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