Making creative edits with Adobe Lightroom’s Graduated Filter & Radial Filter

In this video I show you how I use Adobe Lightroom’s Graduated filter and Radial filter to not just darken the sky or lighten the foreground, but also to bring out certain colors in a creative way. I hope it is helpful to you!

Topics covered:
• Making just the sky darker
• Making just the foreground brighter
• Quick way to straighten a photo
• Adding color to certain parts of a photo

Download Adobe Lightroom here.

If you don’t have Lightroom you can still achieve the first effect by downloading an app on the app store called Vignettr.

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11 Comments on “Making creative edits with Adobe Lightroom’s Graduated Filter & Radial Filter

  1. Thanks Dirk. I just learned about these a few days ago, so this video is perfect timing! Radial filter seems super useful.

    Do you use the brush filter? I’ve been trying that one out on an image of a white SUP board that is super blown out, seems to work pretty well.


    • Hey Dustin,

      Ya I definitely like to use that tool especially when I need to make smaller more precise edits. Big thanks for the kind words!


  2. Thanks so much for Filter tips. This is going to be super helpful making creative edits.

    Thanks again for the free presets. I already tried them and they are on par with what VSCO & others offer. They get the job done quick and easy.

    • Hey Jay,

      Thanks a ton for that feedback! I really appreciate it. And I’m super stoked to hear you say that about the presets. It means a lot!

  3. just come across this. Just starts using LR. This really useful.

  4. Wow!
    Thank you very much for this video!
    I knew about this feature, but I obviously didn’t know how to use it right!

    I am very bad at color-correction, and I’ve been searching for some tips in the internet. Spend so much time, but you explained a lot just in 5 minutes! I think it’s the most useful video I’ve seen for the past few months!

  5. Thanks so much for this quick tutorial! Relatively new to professional editing and hadn’t played with radial or graduated filters yet…you made it so simple to follow!

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