How To Register Your Drone With The FAA

Registering-your-drone-with the FAA

This post is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the entire process of getting registered with the FAA if you’re flying a drone (sUAS or UAV) here in the United States.

Just pick whether or not you want to read or watch it because both options are below.

Quick disclaimer, if you’re flying only indoors or if you fly one of those small tiny toy drones, you don’t need to worry about this.

But for everybody else that’s flying something over 0.55 pounds, you need to take a look…and yes even if you are just visiting the U.S. because of a vacation or business trip, you still need to register your drone.

If you’re not sure where you stand on the spectrum because you don’t know the weight of your drone then click here for more info and examples.

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Drones at the Super Bowl — A Breakdown

This is a special guest post from Oren Schauble.

american flag intel superbowl drone

My friend Jack, a manager over at C3, called me right after the Super Bowl halftime* show “I figured you’re not watching, so wanted to tell you they used a ton of drones, and it was a big ‘Powered by Intel’ promotion. Thought you’d want to know.” Indeed.

This article is a primer on Intel, what they’re up to in the drone space, why the Super Bowl drone performance matters, and what this all means for the future of the drone industry. I hope its informative for you!

To start, if you haven’t seen the Intel drone swarming demo, stop what you’re doing now and check it out, it’s awesome. Read More

Drone Video of the Week: Icarus

Vadim Sherbakov drone film Icarus - cover image 600

Vadim Sherbakov is an interactive web and mobile application art director and photographer based in Moscow, Russia.

“Icarus”, Vadim’s second drone film, takes us on a gorgeous journey through Italy, Scotland and Russia. Read More

Some Aviation Tips From A Licensed FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot

This is a special guest post done in collaboration with Jon Nyquist, a filmmaker and photographer who is also a FAA-Certified drone pilot.


As a licensed FAA Part 107 drone pilot I would like to share some helpful things I wish I would have known before I got my license.

You may already know about the drone rules like how you can’t fly above 400ft (120m) here in the U.S. But what other things should you know about?

Well that’s what this post is about and in it I discuss the following:

  • How high can I really fly my drone?
  • What is AGL or Above Ground Level?
  • What are the rules for flying in cloudy situations?
  • Why should I be careful flying in foggy situations?
  • What do I need to know about flying in higher altitude regions?

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DJI Mavic Pro Unboxing & First Flight (+ download my 4K test footage)

I recently got the new DJI Mavic Pro drone and wanted to do an unboxing/first flight test to show you guys.

(scroll down to download the 4K footage from my first flight)

In this video, I show you it’s super tiny size compared to the Phantom 4, as well as how it unfolds, how to put the props on, how to insert your smart device into the controller, how to switch it to wifi mode and of course I show you everything that comes inside the box!

I have to say I was originally thinking this would just be a little backup drone that I would bring along with my bigger Phantom but I have been blown away by the Mavic Pro.

I say that because I have been finding myself flying it more than my Phantom just because it is so easy to carry around, the imagery looks great and it flies so well.

Stay tuned as I plan on doing a full review of it in the near future.

If you want to check out 3 minutes of my original untouched and unedited 4K Mavic Pro footage click here (be sure to “download” the clip, don’t stream it, for best results). Read More