The Best Drone Photography of 2015

What a year! There have been over 12,000 pics tagged with #fromwhereidrone this year on Instagram and these 12 images represent the most beautiful, dynamic, and engaging drone images from the #fromwhereidrone community.

I’ve compiled this list based on several engagement and community factors for photos that were posted to @fromwhereidrone, like how much a photo has been liked and commented on by others on Instagram.

Thanks to these amazing drone photographers and the thousands of others on Instagram that use the #fromwhereidrone hashtag to share their drone work and inspire us all to new heights.

Here’s to 2016!

1 @OpticPerspective drone photographyOver Oregon // Photo by Fouad Jreige – @opticperspective 

2 @szetoszeto drone photographyThis is airplane is 35ft underwater in Morrison Quarry, Canada // Photo by @szetoszeto

3 @jacob drone photographyNeuschwanstein Castle // Photo by Jacob Riglin – @jacob

4 @gabscanu drone photographyBronte swimming pools, Sydney // Photo by Gabriel Scanu – @gabscanu

6 @postandfly drone photographySwimming with a Whale shark in Mexico // Photo by Tarsicio Sañudo – @postandfly 

5 @alexonelio drone photographyMirror Lake in Oregon // Photo by Alex O’Nelio – @alexonelio

7 @wrenees drone photographyA water-park in Mexico // Photo by Renee Lusano – @wrenees

8 @iamkelvinloke drone photographyPavilion Park, Singapore // Photo by Kelvin Loke – @iamkelvinloke 

9 @michaelmatti Karagol, a lake in northeast TurkeyLake Karagol, Northeast Turkey // Photo by Michael Matti – @michaelmatti

10 @danorst drone photographyFlying over the San Gabriel Mountains // Photo by Dan Marker-Moore @danorst

12 @brahmino Lago di Braies, Dolomites, ItalyLago di Braies, Dolomites, Italy // Photo by Simone Bramante – @brahmino

11 @oliverguyphoto drone photographySheep traffic jam // Photo by Oliver Guy @oliverguyphoto


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