How to create an aerial panorama with a drone using Adobe Lightroom

Today I’m going to show you how to create an ultra wide aerial panorama (pano) using your drone.

In both the video above and post below I walk you through each step for creating a basic aerial panorama.

What is a panorama? Basically it’s a large photo that was stitched together using multiple overlapping images. The resulting effect is a very wide view of a scene.


For instance with the pano above, I used a total of 6 overlapping images or tiles to create this very wide photo. Read More

How to Fly a Drone – The Ultimate Guide


Do you want to learn  how to fly a drone?

Do you know the difference between yaw, throttle, pitch and roll? Do you want to improve your drone flying skills?

Then check out either the video above or the read the post below to learn everything you need to know about how to fly a drone.

In both the video above and post below I walk you through the most basic and essential steps for flying a drone and I include some of my favorite exercises for mastering the art of flying.


Flying using control sticks

The first thing you need to do before flying is understand how the drone controls work for yaw, throttle, pitch and roll. These aviation terms come from the old fixed-wing aircraft days.

It’s important to note, that I am using Mode 2 for my controller which is the most common setup outside of Asia. So if your controller is set to Mode 1, Mode 3 or Mode 4 the control sticks will work differently.

Left stick
The left control stick allows the drone to climb and descend and also rotates the drone on its axis both left and right. The official aviation terms for these controls are “Yaw” and “Throttle”.

  • Yaw rotates the drone around its center either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Throttle controls how much lift your drone is creating which allows it to ascend and descend.

drone remote controls yaw roll pitch throttle

Right control stick
The right control stick moves the drone forward and backwards and also moves the drone left and right. The official aviation terms for these controls is “Roll” and “Pitch”.

  • Roll controls the right and left movement of your drone.
  • Pitch controls the forward and backward movement of your drone.

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7 Ways to Grow Your Drone Aerial Photography Business Online

7 Ways to Grow Your Drone Aerial Photography Business Online

With the FAA’s new Part 107 officially in full swing, we can expect an influx of new certified drone pilots to enter the industry (check out this helpful Part 107 guide for more info on this new ruling).

This means it’s going to get tougher and tougher to stand out as a drone pilot that is running your own aerial business. You will need the necessary equipment and skills, but also a brandable business, a clean website, attentive customer service, and new methods of attracting clients.

This is true whether you work locally, nationally, or internationally.

One of the avenues that I see very few pilots fully utilizing is the Internet. Many pilots are sticking to traditional advertising methods and in-person marketing.

While these methods are effective, the Internet can provide a scale that no other channel can match. And odds are, your competitors aren’t taking advantage of it.

In this article, I’m going to show you seven ways to grow your drone business online.

You will learn how to contact prospects effectively, the advertising method that I see all local businesses under-utilizing (not just drone pilots), how to actively use social media to your advantage, and more. Read More

Drone Video of the Week: Vindur

1 Seljalandsfoss drone photo video

This week I am featuring my friend Vadim Sherbakov’s epic Iceland drone video called Vindur (which is the Icelandic word for “wind”).

Vadim’s video takes you through Iceland’s stark, vast and cold yet beautifully desolated mountain ranges, valleys, waterfalls, glaciers, and canyons that can only be found on this unique island.

Be sure to scroll down before to read more about Vadim’s project and his personal tips and tricks on how he goes about putting together a drone film like this one.

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How To Build Your Own Custom Photography Drone

This is a special post done in collaboration with Shabbir Nooruddin who is the founder of

how to build a custom drone photography rig

A lot of aerial photographers get their start with drones by getting ready to fly drones like the DJI Phantom, the Yuneec Typhoon, or even the 3DR Solo.

These drones are really easy to use and very plug and play, but some downsides to a ready to fly drone is the fact that they are limited in the payload they can carry, they aren’t customized to your exact preferences and they can be difficult to repair yourself.

So if you are more of a tinkerer or DYI type of person you should consider building your own customized photography & cinematography drone rig! There is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing something you built with your own two hands fly around and work the way you intended it, so building an aerial photography rig can an excellent option.

Another benefit to building your own aerial platform is you really get to customize the rig the way you want, and you have options for building in redundancies which can help protect your drone and keep you flying safer.


how to build a custom drone photography tools

Photo Credit: Richard Unten

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